Mission Statement
The mission of the Lector Ministry is to bring out the faith of the assembly and inspire them to discipleship by proclaiming the Word of the Lord with clarity and conviction.

About the Lector Ministry

The role of a lector is to proclaim the Word of God to the church. It is a ministry in which we are privileged to participate. It calls for sacrifice, an investment in time and energy to effectively communicate the sacred scriptures to the people of St. Brigid. By committing to be a lector at our parish, you commit to:

  • Attend all scheduled meetings and retreats;
  • Attend coaching sessions;
  • Continue to work to improve your lecturing skills;
  • Prayerfully prepare your readings to ensure effective presentation;
  • Arrive at Mass 15 minutes beforehand;
  • Dress appropriately;

If you’re interested in joining the Lector Ministry, please contact:
Gladys Harris at e-mail:    or call the church office.