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The Altar Society cares for the altar, sacristy and sanctuary. Their purpose is to help maintain the liturgical needs of our daily worship, to beautify our worship area, and to grow in the community and common service. The Altar Society has been involved with St. Brigid Parish since it was established in 1920.

Some of their duties and responsibilities, to name a few, decorate the Sanctuary prior to Masses and holidays, clean the holy water fonts, along with anything else that needs to be done. Many of the Altar Society members provide individual assistance which includes the washing, ironing, folding, repair and maintenance of the linens and vestments of the priests and servers.

No special skills needed. Just a willingness to devote time to help make our church a shining example of a well-cared for worship area.

For more information or to sign up please contact St. Brigid Church (323)292-0781 and leave a message for:


Bert Johnson