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Purpose of Position
Los ministros eucarísticos de la parroquia asisten al clero en el servicio del Cuerpo y la Sangre de Cristo a la asamblea en tiempo de comunión durante la misa.

To distribute the Body and Blood of Christ to those who come forward during the eucharistic celebration at all English Masses. Those who choose not to receive the Eucharist are welcomed with a blessing.


  • Assist the presider in distributing Eucharist at Mass. The minister looks each person in the eye and says, without rushing, “The Body of Christ,” “The Blood of Christ.” Each person has time to respond, “Amen.” The minister, again without hurrying, then places the Body of Christ in the hand or on the tongue and gives over the Blood of Christ
  • Find your own replacement if you are unable to serve when scheduled
  • Offer to minister on Holy Days and other special feasts
  • Offer to minister even when you are not scheduled
  • Join the other ministers in the sacristy before the liturgy begins for a short prayer
  • Be willing to serve at the Sunday 8:30 am Spanish Mass
  • Speak Spanish


  • To be a Eucharistic Minister is to be intent on the work of liturgy caught up in singing, procession and even silence. To be a Eucharistic Minister is to know deeply that we are the Body and Blood of Christ. To be with the praying community is to learn how to be in this world with reverence, with a love of God that is incarnate in how we speak to others, how we move amidst the holiness of matter and of time.
  • A fully initiated Catholic, having celebrated the sacraments of baptism, confirmation, and First Eucharist.

For more information or to sign up please contact St. Brigid Church (323)292-0781 and leave a message for:


Maria Del Carmen