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Liturgy committees exist principally to enhance the living experience of the people of God as they come together for Mass celebrating the Holy Eucharist. The Liturgy Committee uses liturgical books, which set out the order of service, opening prayer, prayer over the gifts and prayer after communion, and the readings for the day. Each parish is to have a liturgy committee. Parishes must strive to make the liturgy a remarkable experience that spiritually nourishes the faithful and sets them on fire with the love of Christ that they may hold fast to what they have grasped in faith (CSL, 10-Constitution on Sacred Liturgy).


  • Prepares for parish liturgies across the entire liturgical year
  • Establishes parish policy on matters of worship
  • Coordination of special liturgical ministries, which are planned and performed by those who have the necessary knowledge and skills
  • Attend In-service training, which include spiritual and practical formation of its members
  • Provides an open forum on how to make the parish liturgy more vibrant, meaningful and inclusive (2003 Synod)

Our Ministry is open to all practicing Catholic Adults.

For more information or to sign up please contact St. Brigid Church (323)292-0781 and leave a message for:


Andrew Knox