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The Usher Board Ministry is responsible for maintaining a warm and safe environment during public services at St Brigid Church.  Our Ushers are tasked with the extraordinary opportunity of being an extension of the Pastor.  In that capacity, the Usher Board Ministry is instrumental in providing direction and guidance in the pews and play a pivotal role in keeping order and creating a spirit of worship, reverence, and friendliness in and about the church.   Our Usher Board Ministry wants to ensure that everyone who steps into St Brigid Church has a blessed and edifying experience from the moment they are escorted to their seat to the time they rise for the benediction and are dismissed.

Church Ushers serve as:

  • The front-line face of our congregation who leave the first impression.
  • Our first respondents of Christian love in case of emergency.
  • Our most privileged members who traditionally offer our new guests their initial enthusiastic smile, friendly greeting or much needed assistance as they enter our church for the first time.
  • The visible representation of order and proper decorum in worship service.
  • Our ambassadors of hospitality to both members and non-members.
  • The tone-setters for both reverence and respect in God’s house.
  • The servant leaders who stand on guard in the congregation prepared to address any needs that may arise.
  • Maintainers of order during offering, prayer, the sermon and the invitation to Christ.
  • Practitioners of the Golden Rule “Treat others as you would have them treat you” while in service and uniform.
  • We represent on the District, State and National levels.

For more information or to sign up please contact St. Brigid Church (323)292-0781 and leave a message for:


Andrea Harris