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Religious education at St. Brigid is directed toward enabling the student’s faith to become a living, conscious, and active part of their being.  Students are helped to develop attitudes, values and behavior consistent with the faith we as a church profess.

Our religious education program includes preparation of our Catholic second graders for their First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.  Older youth also work throughout the year in preparation for their Confirmation.

Claudia Edwards: Director of Religious Education


To provide the Faith Community of St. Brigid with a catechesis process in which the learner is led to a greater understanding of faith, starting with the learner’s everyday experience and helping them interpret the meaning of that experience in light of God’s revelation.  Through Scripture and tradition, we will examine the theology of the Catholic Church.


Our mission is to develop the foundation of faith and spirituality for each student, youth and adult, through classroom instruction, participation in the liturgy and community and/or ministry service.  We will celebrate our Catholic faith traditions and gain a deeper knowledge and love of God and all mankind.




Our goal is to provide information and instruction for children and adults enabling them to learn at their own pace and level.  Our philosophy is to unify the call to incorporate Jesus Christ into our daily lives.  We want our students to personally know Jesus and be open to receive His message of love and salvation.


Join us for Registration!

Registration begins on August 28 for our 2021- 2022 academic yearDEADLINESaturday, October 9, 2021.

Fees:  General Religious Education registration per family – $60.00 for 1st child; $115.00 for 2 children; $165.00 for 3 children.  Annual Registration fees for Confirmation and RCIA students are listed below.  Total registration fees are due and payable no later than January 15th of each year.

Registration fees are not refundable once classes have begun.

Registration in the parish is a pre-requisite for registration in Religious Education Formation.  Registration forms for the parish are available in the Church and Religious Education Offices.

Original Sacramental Records must be presented by October 30th of each year.  These records will be copied and added to the completed Religious Education Registration form.

If your child is attending a Catholic School, they will still be required to attend all Religious Education Formation classes for the reception of the Sacraments.

                             CCD & CONFIRMATION CLASSES EVERY SATURDAY FROM 10:00 AM TO 12:00 PM

                                                             RCIA CLASSES EVERY TUESDAY @ 7:00 PM 

Infants and children: newborn to age 5 can receive the Sacrament of Baptism without enrollment in our Religious Education Program.  Parents and Godparents must schedule an initial orientation meeting with the Director of Religious Education.  Please contact the Church Office to schedule the appointment.

Parents and Godparents are required to attend a Baptism Sacrament Preparation class.  The classes are held in both English and Spanish.  A minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice is required.

Infant Baptisms are scheduled on Sundays during the Mass Liturgy. BAPTISMS CAN BE SCHEDULED ON SATURDAYS FOR PASTORAL REASONS ONLY.  Parents and Godparents must be present in the church no later than 15 minutes prior to the Mass time.  Tardiness is unacceptable and if either parents or godparents are late to Mass, the Baptism will have to be re-scheduled.

There is a minimal $60.00 stipend for use of the church. We encourage the parents or godparents to make an additional donation to the officiating member of the clergy.


Parent/Godparent Preparation

Deacon Pete Wilson

Tamura Brown

To register for First Confession/First Communion preparation classes, the child must be between 6-14 years of age and have been baptized in the Catholic Church.

A minimum of two (2) years of formal Religious Education formation must be obtained to receive the sacraments.  Reception of the sacraments is based both on the child’s readiness and family commitment.  Parental involvement is essential.  The measurement of a child’s ability to practice the sacraments is based highly on the involvement of the parent.

Fees:  Registration fee for First Confession/First Communion Sacrament Preparation is $60.00 per child which includes class materials.


First Communion Preparation

Sara Barnwell

Inuka Fikes

Paulette Boone

Geraldine Haynesworth

Carolina Menchu

Denise Robinson – Appt. Only (Special Education Specialist)

To register for Confirmation preparation classes, the student must be 14 years of age, have been baptized and made First Communion.

For students who have not been baptized in the Catholic Church, preparation classes for First Communion and Confirmation will be arranged. The goal of the Confirmation Preparation process is to promote Christian growth based on the belief that adolescents are at a significant point in their faith journey, where they are beginning to establish a personal faith identity. By sharing their own journey and interaction with others, the candidates are assisted in identifying and understanding how God is working in their lives and come to a new realization of faith within the context of the parish community.

Confirmation preparation is a two (2) year program which provides a foundation for prayer and worship, community and church service opportunities, retreat experiences and community building.

Each Confirmation Candidate is required to have a sponsor.  Your sponsor must be a baptized Catholic who is in full communion with the Catholic Church and regularly attends Saturday/Sunday Mass.  Your sponsor can be a relative, friend or member of the congregation who is at least 21 years of age.

1st Year Candidates:

Each candidate is required to attend three (3) additional class sessions between October 2021 – April 2022 which will take place at locations other than St. Brigid Church.

Dates and locations to be announced.

In addition to class meetings, students are required to attend Youth Day at the Religious Education Congress (Anaheim, California); a one-day retreat, community service project and regular Mass attendance, particularly “Youth Sunday” (1st Sunday, 10:30 A.M.).


Registration                     $ 50.00 (Bible and class materials)

Youth Day                         $ 40.00 (registration + bus transportation)

Mini-retreat                     $ 30.00

Total Fees              $120.00 (1st Year Students)



2nd Year Candidates:

Each candidate is required to attend three (3) additional class sessions between October 2021 – April 2022 which will take place at locations other than St. Brigid.

Dates and locations to be announced.

In addition to class meetings, students are required to attend Youth Day at the Religious Education Congress (Anaheim, California), a one-day retreat, a week-end retreat, community service project and regular Mass attendance.

A professional photographer will be hired to take a picture of each Confirmandi with the Confirming Bishop and the Class Picture.  No other photographers may be in any aisle in the church.  Pictures may be taken from the end of a pew.

Reception:  If St. Brigid is the hosting Church for Confirmation, 1st Year Confirmation parents, parishioners and other volunteers will coordinate, plan and execute the dinner reception.



Registration                     $ 50.00 (Bible, class materials, t-shirt)

Youth Day                         $ 40.00 (registration + bus transportation)

Mini Retreat                     $ 30.00 (registration + lunch)

Gown rental                     $ 30.00 (Herff Jones Co)

Total Fees              $160.00 (2nd Year Students)







Confirmation Preparation

Alfred Lott

Janette Cedillo


The Rite of Christian Initiation is designed for adults to examine their belief in Jesus Christ and His teachings.  Although RCIA is designed primarily for the unbaptized, it can also be adapted as formation instruction for baptized Catholics or baptized Christians of another denomination who want to receive the other initiation sacraments of the Catholic Church.

RCIA is a journey of conversion not only for the individual but for the entire faith community.  The journey allows individuals to develop, deepen and enrich their relationship with God through the Holy Spirit.  Each member of the faith community must be equally attentive to and involved; the entire faith community is responsible for welcoming new members and showing them what it really means to live a Christian life.  Those who accept the invitation to “seek God” become candidates for the Sacraments of Baptism, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation. The Sacraments of Initiation are conferred at Easter Vigil Liturgy, which celebrates the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


St. Brigid classes dates to be announced.

Our RCIA program is part of a multi-parish effort with St. Bernadette, Holy Name of Jesus and Transfiguration parishes. All catechumens/candidates meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday, 7:00 P.M. -8:45 P.M. Each session will have a different topic, presented by the clergy staff of the four (4) parishes, Religious Education Department Directors or invited guest speakers, followed by refreshments.



Registration       $ 60.00 (Bible, class materials)

Gown rental      $ 30.00 (estimated Herff-Jones Company)

Total Fees    $90.00


R.C.I.A. Program

Elmer Gomez

Floy Hawkins